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At this site we keep several lists of primes, most notably the list of the 5,000 largest known primes. Who found the most of these record primes? We keep separate counts for persons, projects and programs. To see these lists click on 'number' to the right.

Clearly one 100,000,000 digit prime is much harder to discover than quite a few 100,000 digit primes. Based on the usual estimates we score the top persons, provers and projects by adding ‎(log n)3 log log n‎ for each of their primes n. Click on 'score' to see these lists.

Finally, to make sense of the score values, we normalize them by dividing by the current score of the 5000th prime. See these by clicking on 'normalized score' in the table on the right.

1 Jean Penné's LLR [special, plus, minus] 4840 53.7066
2 Geoffrey Reynolds' srsieve [sieve] 3474 53.5073
3 Reynolds and Brazier's PSieve [sieve] 3060 52.8251
4 David Underbakke's TwinGen [sieve] 1136 50.7508
5 OpenPFGW (a.k.a. PrimeForm) [other, sieve, prp, special, plus, minus, classical] 569 51.0510
6 Marcel Martin's Primo (was Titanix and Certifix) [general] 381 40.9253
7 Paul Jobling's NewPGen [sieve] 270 50.0433
8 David Underbakke's AthGFNSieve [sieve] 154 51.6324
9 Yves Gallot's GeneFer [prp, special] 134 49.9699
10 Yves Gallot's Proth.exe [other, special, plus, minus, classical] 122 51.5003
11 Anand Nair's GFNSvCUDA sieve [sieve] 110 49.8906
12 George Woltman's PRP [prp] 56 51.4651
13 Geoffrey Reynolds' gcwsieve [sieve] 38 49.9336
14 Dubner Cruncher [other, prp, plus, minus, classical] 29 34.3273
15 EMsieve [sieve] 28 49.6170
16 Mikael Klasson's Proth_sieve [sieve] 27 51.4459
16 John Renze's Coppersmith-Howgrave-Graham PARI script [classical] 27 43.7488
18 Mark Rodenkirch's MultiSieve.exe [sieve] 25 49.6778
19 Anand Nair's CycloSvCUDA sieve [sieve] 23 49.2369
20 Yves Gallot's Cyclo [special] 22 49.1823
20 George Woltman's Prime95 [special] 22 56.9365


The list above show the programs that are used the most (either by number or score). In some ways this is useless because we are often comparing apples and oranges, that is why the comments in brackets attempt to say what each program does. See the help page for some explanation of these vague categories

Number of primes

When counting primes we decided that if three people (persons) went together to find a prime, each should get credit for 1/3 of a prime. The same is true for projects, however programs get full credit for each prime (to encourage honest reporting of what programs where used). Persons, programs and projects are three separate categories and do not compete against each other.

For example, suppose the persons 'Carmody' and 'Caldwell' worked together and used the program 'PRP' to test candidates selected by the 'GFN 2^13 Sieving project', then completed their proofs using 'Proth.exe'. Then the persons 'Carmody' and 'Caldwell' would get 1/2 credit for each prime found; but the project 'GFN 2^13 Sieving project' and the programs 'PRP' and 'Proth.exe' would each get full credit.