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+ The Boeing 727 became the first three-engine jet built for commercial service.

+ 727 = 1! + (1 + 2)! + (1 + 2 + 3)!. [Van Doorn]

+ The smallest odd prime that can be represented as the sum of a cube and its reversal (512 + 215). [Gupta]

+ The first prime whose square (528529) can be represented as the concatenation of two consecutive numbers. [De Geest]

+ Probably the only palindromic prime that can be expressed by the form n!+(n+1). [Silva]

+ 727 starts the first chain of four palindromic primes, each formed from the previous one in forward and reverse order: 727, 72727, 727272727, 72727272727272727. [Silva]

+ The sum of the first five three-digit primes with midlle digit zero. [Silva]

+ The smallest prime-digit prime that can be represented as the sum of a number and its reversal in three different ways (116+611, 215+512, 314+413). [Loungrides]

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