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+ The numerical weight of the name Israel. Note that 541, the 100th prime number, is the 10th hexagonal star number (i.e., Star of David). [McGough]

+ 541 = prime((5*4*1)*(5+4+1) - pi(541)). Note that 541 is the second number with this property. [Firoozbakht]

+ reversal(541) = 5! + 4! + 1. The prime 541 is the only odd number greater than one with this property. [Firoozbakht]

+ The truncated dodecahedron has 541 chiral stellations, the only Archimedean solid to have a prime number of chiral stellations. [Post]

+ 541 = prime((5+4+1)^2). It is the smallest number with this property. [Kumar]

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