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+ 77! + 1 is prime!

+ 77 contains 'Lucky 7 and 11' as prime factors. [Sladcik]

+ The square of 77 is 5929, the concatenation of two primes, 59 and 29. [Trotter]

+ The concatenation of all palindromes from one up to 77 is prime. [De Geest]

+ The number 7^7+77^7+777^7+2 is prime with digital sum 77. [Patterson]

+ 77 is equal to the sum of the first 8 primes. Note it is also the product of the middle two numbers of this sequence (11*7 = 77). [Kazgan]

+ Prime numbers that end with "77" occur more often than any other 2-digit ending among the first one million primes. [Gaydos]

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