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+ Any multiple of 37 when split and each side cubed then added is a multiple of 37. E.g., 37 itself: 33 + 73 = 370. [Mallett]

+ If the whole integer series is broken down into primes or prime factors of composites and then alternately added and subtracted, the only congruence where the value of the +/- figure equals that number occurs at 37. [Mallett]

+ The most well known multiple of 37 is the beast number (666). The first occurrence of 666 in pi appears on digits 2441, 2442 and 2443, when including the initial 3 before the decimal point, i.e. the whole series of pi 's digits. The sum of these is 7326 or 11 * 666. [Mallett]

+ The 37th composite number that has a prime factor sum of 37 (6664) minus its mirror image is equal to 37 times the 37th composite number. [Mallett]

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