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The nth Prime Page will now find any of the first 2.623˙1015 primes or π(x) for x up to 1017.

+ The smallest 4-digit prime n such that p1 = 2n+3, p2 = 4n+5, and p3 = 6n+7 are all prime. [Russo]

+ The smallest invertible prime whose concatenated pair form a strobogrammatic prime (11096011). The sequence begins 1109, 1699, 6689, 6691, 6991, ....

+ The only emirp derived from a two-digit prime by inserting the sum of its digits in-between. [Loungrides]

+ In the ISO 860 date format the terrorist attack against New York on day "nine eleven" is written as 1109. [Petersson]

(There is one curio for this number that has not yet been approved by an editor.)

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