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Welcome to the Prime Page's new resource index! Here you can find links to all sorts of information about prime numbers and their uses. Please feel free to add a resource, or suggest an update to an existing one. Do you need a category I do not have? Let me know, I can add it. (Just add your resource at the closest category you can find for now, I'll move it.)

curiosities (16)
Prime Curios: interesting facts about primes. Prime humor, illegal primes, prime words...
lists of primes (24)
Lists of primes from small (those with less than 1000 digits) through large (those with hundreds of thousands of digits).
other (5)
E-mail lists, general indexes and ?
programs (49)
Programs to find and enumerate primes; to test and prove primality.
theory (98)
Pages containing information on the theory of prime numbers such as their distribution, how to find them, organized searches, how many to expect...
visualization (19)
Pages and programs presenting ways to "visualize" primes. This might be by sight or sound or ???
There are currently 211 links for you to choose from!

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