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Small primes (at least as far as the PrimePages are concerned) have at most a couple hundred digits. Here we list links to sources of lists of these primes.
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first n primes (6)
Lists of primes beginning at 2 and continuing until we run out of disk space!
random primes (3)
Lists of randomly generated primes of various sizes. These primes are sometimes used to test algorithms.
twins (3)
Lists of twin primes
Resources in lists of primes : small primes
  • All prime numbers less than 10,000,000,000 - Browse all prime numbers of less than 11 digits. A prime number checker facility is also included. pop
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  • Lists of pseudo (false) primes - Richard Pinch has done extensive calculations of both pseudoprimes (to 1013 by various definitions) and Carmichael numbers (to 1017).
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  • Palindromic prime ZIP Codes - A list of the zip codes that are palindromic primes.
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  • Primes just less than a power of two - For each n from 8 to 400, we list the ten least k's for which 2n-k is prime.
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  • The Cunningham Project - In 1925 Cunningham published tables of factorization (along with the necessary lists of primes) for bn+1, b = 2,3,5,6,7,10,11,12. This work is continued in [BLSTW88] and its newsletter. (The factorizations are often used in proving the primality of certain special forms of primes.)
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