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The Mersenne primes are primes of the form 2p-1 where p is a prime number. These are usually the largest known prime and are certainly the most studied. Below are links to pages containing information on these important primes.
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  • A search for a factor of 2^(2^61-1)-1 - An organized search for a factor of this double Mersenne number. Theory, free software, and status.
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  • Ars Technica Team Prime Rib - A GIMPS team dedicated to finding Mersenne primes...
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  • Double-Mersenne search status - Status of the serach for factors of M(M(p)) where M(p) is the Mersenne prime with exponent p.
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  • Luke's Marin Mersenne Page - Images, sounds, references, links, mailing list and software. An eclectic collection to warm any Mersenne lover's heart.
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  • Mersenne prime - "Mersenne prime" entry from Eric Weisstein' World of Mathematics
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  • Mersenne Prime Digits and Names - Every known Mersenne prime is presented in several formats: as decimal digits (either American or European style), as an English name (either American or European style), ...
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  • The Mersenne Primes--theorem, history and conjectures - Introduction to the history of the Mersenne primes; standard theorems and test; conjectures and lists.
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  • The homepage - is the home of the Great Internet Search for Mersenne Primes (GIMPS). Join the search, download software, check the progress, join an email list...
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  • Will Edgington's Mersenne Prime Page - Mersenne primes, definitions, theorems, factor lists, software, links to other sources of information.
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