Phi(3, 31118781 + 1)/3
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This prime's information:

field (help)value
Description:Phi(3, 31118781 + 1)/3
Verification status (*):External
Official Comment:Generalized Unique
Unofficial Comments:This prime has 2 user comments below.
Proof-code(s): (*):L3839 : Batalov, EMsieve, LLR
Decimal Digits:1067588   (log10 is 1067587.91183178)
Rank (*):78 (digit rank is 1)
Entrance Rank (*):63
Currently on list? (*):short
Submitted:3/29/2014 04:39:12 CDT
Last modified:4/23/2014 08:56:13 CDT
Database id:117512
Status Flags:Verify, TrialDiv
Score (*):46.8336 (normalized score 30.7087)

Archival tags:

There are certain forms classed as archivable: these prime may (at times) remain on this list even if they do not make the Top 5000 proper.  Such primes are tracked with archival tags.
Generalized Unique (archivable *)
Prime on list: yes, rank 1
Subcategory: "Generalized Unique"
(archival tag id 217654, tag last modified 2014-04-01 17:30:05)

User comments about this prime (disclaimer):

User comments are allowed to convey mathematical information about this number, how it was proven prime.... See our guidelines and restrictions.

Serge Batalov writes (29 Mar 2014): 
Eisenstein Mersenne Norm prime #26
This prime may also be written: 3^2237561+3^1118781+1

Serge Batalov writes (29 Mar 2014): 
In memoriam for my father, Vasiliy A. Batalov (1943-2014), who instilled in me love for math, science and discipline
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