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This is the Prime Pages' interface to our BibTeX database.  Rather than being an exhaustive database, it just lists the references we cite on these pages.  Please let me know of any errors you notice.
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D. Bressoud and S. Wagon, A course in computational number theory, Key College Publishing, 2000.  MR 2001f:11200 [Designed as a lively one semester introduction to number theory, motivated by computational problems, and illustrated with Mathematica programs (CD ROM included). Chapter titles: 1. Fundamentals; 2. Congruences, equations, and powers; 3. Euler's φ fnction; 4. Prime numbers; 5. Some applications; 6. Quadratic congruences; 7. Continued fractions; 8. Prime testing with Lucas sequences; 9. Prime imaginaries and imaginary primes. Appendicies: A. Mathematica basics; B. Lucas certificates exist]
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