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A. Stein and H. C. Williams, "Explicit primality criteria for (p-1) pn-1," Math. Comp., 69 (2000) 1721--1734.  MR 2001j:11124
Abstract: Deterministic polynomial time primality criteria for 2n-1 have been known since the work of Lucas in 1876--1878. Little is known, however, about the existence of deterministic polynomial time primality tests for numbers of the more general form Nn=(p-1) pn-1, where p is any fixed prime. When n>(p-1)/2 we show that it is always possible to produce a Lucas-like deterministic test for the primality of Nn which requires that only O(q (p+log q)+p3+log Nn) modular multiplications be performed modulo Nn, as long as we can find a prime q of the form 1+k p such that Nnk-1 is not divisible by q. We also show that for all p with 3<p<107 such a q can be found very readily, and that the most difficult case in which to find a q appears, somewhat surprisingly, to be that for p=3. Some explanation is provided as to why this case is so difficult.
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