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GIMPS has discovered a new largest known prime number: 282589933-1 (24,862,048 digits)

+ The mathematician Godfrey Harold Hardy was born in the prime year 1877. Note the day and month (7 Feb) of his birth were prime as well. [Capelle]

+ 1877 is equal to the sum of three consecutive squares (24^2 + 25^2 + 26^2). [Schlesinger]

+ The year British mathematician J.W.L. Glaisher made his pioneering study of maximal prime gaps. He is remembered mostly for work in number theory that anticipated later interest in the detailed properties of modular forms.

+ An 1877 Indian Head Cent can be worth thousands of dollars.

+ The largest prime that can be represented as sum of squares of a double-digit prime and its reversal, i.e., 41^2 + 14^2 = 1877. [Loungrides]

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