+ The largest minimal prime in base 5. [Rupinski]

+ The smallest solution to the famous puzzle that first appeared in Ben Ames Williams's "Coconuts" from The Saturday Evening Post (October 9, 1926). [Poo Sung]

+ The only non-titanic emirp equal to the form p^p-q^q, where p, q, are primes (case p=5, q=2). [Loungrides]

+ The dental formula for the lower teeth of an adult domestic cat. [Honaker]

+ The smallest case of a squared and cubed reversal of a prime that yield primes. [Petrov]

+ The 3121st prime is 28657, which is the 22nd Fibonacci number; 3121 is the 445th prime (and 105th emirp), and 445 can be expressed as the product of two Fibonacci numbers (5 × 89). All digits (0 to 9) are mentioned at least once. [Cendana]

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