Proof-code: x5

Samuel Yates began, and this site continues, a database of the largest known primes. Primes in that database are assigned a proof-code to show who should be credited with the discovery as well as what programs and projects they used. (Discoverers have one prover-entry, but may have many proof-codes because they use a variety of programs...)

This page provides data on x5, one of those codes.

Code name (*):x5   (See the descriptive data below.)
Persons (*):1 (counting humans only)
Projects (*):0 (counting projects only)
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Number of primes:total 3
Unverified Primes:0 (prime table entries marked 'Composite','Untested', or 'InProcess'
Score for Primes (*):total 39.9779

Descriptive Data: (report abuse)
Shown prime using Phil Carmody's program Tripe.

Phil Carmody notes: "Tripe" is based on MaximEis, with Yves Gallot's GeneFer64 at its core. The DWT has been removed (so a double length FFT required), but it uses fast two-pronged proth-like reduction for simple (and not-so-simple) trinomials (hence the "tri" in the name). Now I've done more work on other algorithms, I'm considering just merging all of them into one software code, much like Yves' Proth including both his DWT and his non-DWT routines.

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