Translation Project

For the Largest Known Primes List


We have begun a translation project at the PrimePages.

Goal: To translate the Top 5000 Primes (a.k.a, the Largest Known Primes) section of the Prime Pages' website into multiple languages to make it easier for those interested in large primes to read the lists, see the records and participate in the searches. The pages to be translated are found mostly in the /primes/, /bios/ and /top20/ directories on the web pages.

Currently only the /bios/ and /top20/ directories are ready to be translated.

This is a new project and depends totally on volunteers. Please let me know about any comments, suggestions or correction. If you would like to help, then please let me know. There is more detailed information for translators available.

Code Status

Most of the routines in the /bios/ directory are now ready, this should allow submission, editing and viewing of prover-accounts and proof-codes. However the help pages (especially /bios/help/) are not touched and will not be for a some time. We will start with the most used, and most important, pages first.

Translation Status

There are currently 455 strings which could be translated to a new language. The following is a graph of the translation progress (listed in chronological order).

Volunteer(s) LanguageMessage Translation Status
Jose Ramón Brox Spanish (es_ES)
 51% done
 13% fuzzy
 36% not done
Payam Samidoost Persian (fa_IR)
 75% done
 5% fuzzy
 19% not done
l'Alliance Francophone,
Bruno Courty
French (fr_FR)
 75% done
 5% fuzzy
 19% not done
Team China Chinese (zh_CN)
 78% done
 5% fuzzy
 17% not done
Chris Oldham
Italian (it_IT)
 80% done
 5% fuzzy
 16% not done

'Fuzzy' means the expression is close to another, so gettext offered a suggestion that has not yet been approved by a translator. These are usually caused by programmers changing the code. Fuzzy translations are not used. 'Not done' often indicates new strings the programmers have added as we expand the number of pages that can be translated. They could also just be untranslated strings. Some translators may only be translating specific pages, ...

Please let me know if you have any problems with the translations or if you would like to help.

Chris. K. Caldwell <>

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