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Lei Zhou


A titan, as defined by Samuel Yates, is anyone who has found a titanic prime. This page provides data on those that have found these primes. The data below only reflect on the primes currently on the list. (Many of the terms that are used here are explained on another page.)

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Proof-code(s): L466, x37, p229, p266, p269, p298, p339, CH9, x44
E-mail address: (e-mail address unpublished)
Web page:
Username: leizhoucn (entry created on 10/10/2007)
Database id:1273 (entry last modified on 05/12/2019)
Active primes:on current list: 15 (unweighted total: 15), rank by number 66
Total primes: number ever on any list: 225.333 (unweighted total: 226)
Production score: for current list 48 (normalized: 79), total 48.8836, rank by score 97
Largest prime: 32120580 - 3623816 - 1 ‏(‎1011774 digits) via code CH9 on 05/12/2019
Most recent: 332750 · 9830498304 - 1 ‏(‎490796 digits) via code L466 on 09/19/2020
Entrance Rank: mean 988.93 (minimum 29, maximum 3721)

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Finding "SHORT" non k*m^n+/-1 primes...
My personal prime blog goes HERE


  1. Day 0001: Caught my first prime in Top 5000 on 10/10/2007.
  2. Day 0218: Entered Top 20 prover list for number of primes on 05/14/2008.
  3. Day 0443: Caught biggest Generalized Woodall Prime 229918*12^229918-1 on 12/25/2008 -- my best Christmas Present ever! The record last to 12/08/2009.
  4. Day 0526: Got 100 primes on the top 5000 list on 03/18/2009.
  5. Day 0769: First time ranked No. 10 in top 20 prover list for number of primes on 11/16/2009, with 125 primes on top 5000 list.
  6. Day 0889: Found a Generalized Woodall with n=b+1 on 03/16/2010. The full known list is here
  7. Day 0911: High water mark on number of primes on list - 154, 04/07/2010.
  8. Day 0934: Constructed a 160115 digits prime number from a group of k*2^n+1 primes. Detail please see HERE.
  9. Day 1023: Historically bottom of Top 5000 is above 2^2^19. number of primes dropped to below 100.
  10. Day 1220: Caught the one over M37 on 02/10/2011.
  11. Day 1436: Caught the 10th prime greater than 300k digits and my 200th prime ever on the list on 09/14/2011.
  12. Day 1570: Caught a prime that used another prime I caught previously in this list as helper on 01/23/2012 - the Lunar New Year Day of 2012. It took me two days to generate the proof using Open PFGW - best new year present ever!
  13. Day 1987: Caught an exactly 1 million digits prime number - 464253*2^3321908-1.
  14. Day 2056: Caught another exactly 1 million digits prime number - 191273*2^3321908-1.
  15. July 04 2014: 94259^(2*3^10)+94259^(3^10)+1 is a 587458 digits prime.
  16. July 17 2016: First CHG proven prime: 3^850500+3^248918-1.
  17. Aug 08 2018: Largest KP proven prime: 3^2095902+3^647322-1.
  18. May 12 2019: Largest CHG proven prime: 3^2120580-3^623816-1, largest up-to-date by CHG method.
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