A titan, as defined by Samuel Yates, is anyone who has found a titanic prime. This page provides data on those that have found these primes. The data below only reflects on the primes currently on the list. (Many of the terms that are used here are explained on another page.)

Proof-code(s): g225, L7, L24, L30, L41, L59, L77, L158, L256, L606
E-mail address: (e-mail address unpublished)
Web page:http://www.mersenneforum.org/321search/index.html
Username: 321search (entry created on 04/09/03)
Database id:479 (entry last modified on 04/22/12)
Active primes:on current list: 2.5, rank by number 18
Total primes: number ever on any list: 10.5
Production score: for current list 47 (normalized: 20), total 47.4923, rank by score 15
Largest prime: 3 · 24235414 - 1 ‏(‎1274988 digits) via code L606 on 04/16/08
Most recent: 3 · 24235414 - 1 ‏(‎1274988 digits) via code L606 on 04/16/08
Entrance Rank: mean 14.67 (minimum 12, maximum 18)

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A worldwide coordinated search for primes of the form 3*2^n-1.

Since the establishment of the project in April 2003, the following people have kindly donated computer time:
Martin Schroeder, Paul Underwood, Thomas Ritschel, Luigi Morelli, Steven Harvey, Sander Hoogendoorn, Lars Dausch, Edward Dillio, Mike Vang, Michael Shafer, Shane Findley, Sergey Kochergin, Paul Jobling, Jason Kowzun, Nuno Simoes, Markus Frind, Thomas Wolter, Harsh Aggarwal, Phil Davis, James Burt, Ryan Jackson, Michael Gabriel, Mr Happy, Footmaster, Cedric Vonck, Joss Larouche, Japke Rosink, Justin Van Klein, Christian Hercher, Alexandre de Pereyra, Scott Pfenninger, Matthew Piggott, Michael Haas, Carlos Eduardo, James Chislett, Richard Lucas, Thomas Richard, Joe Runcer, Michael Gillion, Nebojsa Bajramovic, fetofs, nibble4bits, hbock, Jeff W., arminius, Kenneth E. Pedersen, Diep, tsider, Ralf Over, Rich Hassler, Vladimir Chirkin, Christian Klimbacher, Edo Rajh, Raffaele De Troia, Peter Riesen, PrimeGrid members, Jayson R. King, sm5ymt.

Note: As of 2008 the search has been taken on by PrimeGrid. The old forum is at old forum .

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Surname: 321search (used for alphabetizing and in codes)
Unverified primes are omitted from counts and lists until verification completed.
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