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  • Questions about the page on submitters (ByOne.php)

    1. Why are some e-mail addresses labeled unknown?

      If we know an e-mail address we will put it in the database.  'unknown' means just that, we do not know it.  If we know it, it will either show or be marked private.

    2. Why are some e-mail addresses labeled private?

      We will never publish any individual's e-mail address without their permission.  Placing an e-mail address on the web will greatly increase the amount of junk mail and viruses sent to that address.  If your e-mail is marked private, and you would like it to show (so that folks can contact you), just let the editors know.  And if you later change your mind and want it private again, again let the editors know!

    3. What is an 'unedited submission' and why are they counted?

      An unedited submission is one that has not yet been approved (or deleted) by an editor.  No entries are visible until they have been approved.  Note the submission guidelines state that no more than seven curios may be submitted in a seven day period.  Any additional curios will be deleted without an editor ever seeing them and possibly without notifying the submitter.

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