This number is a prime.

+ The smallest naughty prime whose sum of digits and number of zeros are equal. [Loungrides]

+ The List of Largest Known Primes (another of the Prime Pages' resources) contained 100003 entries on 24 February 2012. [Stath]

+ The sum of 13 consecutive primes (7643+7649+7669+7673+7681+7687+7691+7699+7703+7717+7723+7727+7741). Note that 100003 is 13 with 1+3 zeros in the middle. [Makk]

+ The smallest prime number that has two more digits than its prime index (9593). See PC40000...00031 (45-digits). [Gaydos]

+ Smallest prime whose sum of digits equals number of loops in its decimal expansion. [Sariyar]

(There is one curio for this number that has not yet been approved by an editor.)

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