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+ The 20th century musical Damn Yankees had a successful run of 1019 performances. [Williams]

+ The smallest number with a period length more than 1000 digits. [Pimentel]

+ pi(e^(pi(e^pi)) = pi(e^pi(23.14...)) = pi(e^9) = pi(8103.08...) = 1019 is prime. [Kulsha]

+ The sum of the squares of the first three Mersenne primes. [Silva]

+ The smallest prime such that its cube (1058089859) is equal to the sum of a prime and its reversal, i.e., 297594067 + 760495792. [Rivera]

+ The smallest invertible prime of the form 4n^2+4n+59.

+ The lesser term in the first twin prime pair (p, q) such that p#+1 and q#+1 are both primes. [Loungrides]

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