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+ The start of the smallest sequence of ten consecutive emirps. [Rivera]

+ 1193 is the smallest emirp among sums of consecutive emirps (167+179+199+311+337). [Poo Sung]

+ The song "Bel Air" from avant-rock band Can's Future Days album is 1193 seconds long.

+ The smallest 4-digit circular prime. [Mix]

+ A baseball emirp: 1193 and its reverse 3911 are prime, and remain prime if we append or prepend either a 3 or 9. Three strikes and you're out, for 9 innings. [Post]

+ 1193 = prime((1+1+9+3)^2). It is the largest number with this property. [Gupta]

+ The smallest four-digit emirp such that prime(1193) + pi(1193) is an emirp. [Bajpai]

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