This number is a prime.

+ Cartoon character Bugs Bunny once calculated 1297 times 142 in his head and said, "If there's one thing we 'wabbits' (rabbits) can do, it's multiply." [Allen]

+ The smallest prime whose reversal is a Fibonacci number squared (7921 is 892). [Gupta]

+ This is the smallest 4-digit prime that produces 5 other primes by changing only its first digit (i.e., 2297, 4297, 5297, 7297, 8297 are primes). [Opao]

+ The reversal of this prime is a prime square, and the square of this prime has a prime reversal. Can you find the next prime like this? [Silva]

+ The largest non-titanic prime p of form p=6^n+1, where n is any number, and the only non-titanic prime for n a composite, (case n=4). The previous three primes are for n=0, 1 and 2. [Loungrides]

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