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+ In 1783, a prime year, William Herschel discovered the solar motion (in relation to the stars of the galaxy). [Gevisier]

+ Leonhard Euler, the most prolific mathematician in history, died in 1783. [Beisel]

+ 1783 is the largest prime factor of any number among the smallest group of sociable numbers (12496, 14288, 15472, 14536 and 14264).

+ (1783, 8317) is the first of only two pairs of primes concatenated from two complementary double-digit primes (17, 83). The 2nd pair is (2971, 7129). [Loungrides]

+ The smallest number n for which the total number of digits in the first n Cyclops primes is a Cyclops prime (11093). [Gaydos]

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