This number is a prime.

+ 1871 is the smallest prime factor of (3^17-1)/2.

+ The Paris Commune of 1871 was the first attempt at a socialist society.

+ 1871!/1781! - 1 is prime. [Patterson]

+ The great Chicago fire erupted in 1871. [Green]

+ The least prime p congruent to 11 mod 12 such that (p-1)/2 does not divide the numerator of the Bernoulli number B(p-1). [Wesolowski]

+ Portmanteau words like repdigit (from repeated and digit) can be traced to Lewis Carrol's book Through the Looking-Glass (1871). After all, he was quite a mathlete.

+ "Whistler's Mother" was painted in 1871. [Quinley]

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