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+ The highest you can score in a standard game of bowling if your score in each of the ten frames is required to be a prime number. [Keith]

+ The sum of the first 229 primes divides the product of the first 229 primes.

+ The smallest prime that remains prime when added to its reversal. [Luhn]

+ Replacing each digit of prime 229 with its square, respectively its cube, results in two new primes (4481 and 88729) with a palindromic difference of 84248. Coincidentally, 229 + 4481 + 88729 is palindromic as well. [De Geest]

+ 229 is the difference between 33 and 44. [Raymond]

+ The names of the fifty U.S. states contain 229 letters that are always consonants in English (i.e., are not A, E, I, O, U, W, or Y). [Blanchette]

+ The concatenation of the two most distant prime dates for any given day of a month in a leap year. [Loungrides]

+ The smallest prime minimal sum solution to Honaker's triangle problem that has an odd prime index. Can you find the next?

+ There are exactly 229 six-digit Fibomorphic numbers. [Beedassy and Wasserman]

+ Place the White chess pieces as follows: King on a2, Rook on c6, and Bishop on d5. Place the Black chess pieces as follows: King on a4, Knight on d3, and a pawn on e3. White to move, mate in 229. [Kadatch]

+ 2^229 is a 69-digit number containing only one zero. Is this the largest power of two that has one or more unique digits? [Gaydos]

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