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+ A prime formed from the first three digits of the base for natural logarithms: e = 2.7182818284 5904523536 0287471352....

+ 2271 reversed is prime. [Nash]

+ George W. Bush won the U.S. Presidency with 271 electoral votes in the 2000 Presidential Election, yet Al Gore had received a majority of the popular vote.

+ HMS Plym (K 271), a River-class anti-submarine frigate built for the Royal Navy was vaporized in Britain's first A-bomb explosion off the Monte Bello Islands, Australia, on the day tea rationing was lifted in the United Kingdom (October 3, 1952). [Croll]

+ The greatest prime factor of any 5-digit repdigit is 271. [La Haye]

+ 271^2 and 271^3 form primes upon reversal. [Trotter]

+ The first number n for which 15n-4, 15n-2, 15n+2 and 15n+4 are all composite, but 15n-14, 15n-8, 15n+8 and 15n+14 are all prime.

+ There are exactly 271 positive numbers that give larger numbers when you write out their English names and add the letters using the alphabet code, i.e., a = 1, b = 2, etc. [Hartley]

+ The smallest prime p such that (p - 1) and (p + 1) are each divisible by a cube greater than one. [Beedassy]

+ The number of possible bowling games with a score of 271 is the next prime. (Two bowling games are the same if the number of pins knocked down each roll are equal.)

+ The smaller of only two primes less than a googol formed by concatenating in descending order the cubes of first n odd numbers, (case n=2). The other prime is for n=14. [Loungrides]

+ The ten digits appear a different number of times each in the primes from 2 to p for the first time when p = 271. [Gaydos]

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