This number is a prime.

+ π(349) = π(3)1 + π(4)2 + π(9)3. Note that 349 is the largest number with this property. [Firoozbakht]

+ Frame 349 of the original Zapruder slide set is missing.

+ Barack Obama had 349 electoral votes in the final election projection of 2008.

+ The number of seats in Swedish Parliament. [Gupta]

+ The only prime less than a googol of form 7^x+6, for x a prime, (case x=3). [Loungrides]

+ "349" is a WordPress blog (www.threefourtynine.wordpress.com). The internet, politics, and language works like this ... . [Goins]

+ The numerical value of the Greek ισραηλ (Israel) is 349. [Slattery]

+ Every prime apart from the first can be described by the two word palindrome 'NEVER EVEN'. Using the alphaprime code, 'NEVER EVEN' = 349. [Homewood]

+ 349 to the power thirty-nine is zeroless. [Sariyar]

+ 349 is the smallest n such that the generalized repunit (39^n-1)/(39-1) is prime. [Xayah]

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