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+ The German submarine known as U-457 was sunk in the Barents Sea by depth charges from the British destroyer HMS Impulsive during WWII. [Wynn]

+ The first Honaker prime (p88 = 457: 8+8 = 4+5+7) that is itself the subscript of another Honaker prime (p457 = 3229: 4+5+7 = 3+2+2+9). [Beedassy]

+ The smallest prime number for which the reverse of its double is a smaller prime. [Gaydos]

+ The 457th Fibonacci number is a 96-digit number containing the digit 2 just once. Is this the largest Fibonacci number that has one or more unique digits? [Gaydos]

+ The concatenation of the three values of n for which (n!+1) is a perfect square. [Kilpatrick]

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