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+ 6! - 5! + 4! - 3! + 2! - 1!. [Guy]

+ The first person to be converted to Islam (Khadija, Prophet Muhammad's first wife) died in 619.

+ 619 = prime(6*19). The largest zerofree prime p such that pi(p) is the product of the first digit of p and the rest of the number. [Firoozbakht]

+ According to Urantia, a religious sect headquartered in Chicago, we live on a planet in a system that includes 619 flawed but evolving worlds.

+ The smallest strobogrammatic prime that is not a palindrome. [Punches]

+ NFL player Reggie Bush puts 619 on top of his eyeblack as a tribute to the area code of southeast San Diego county.

+ Nova 619 is a webcomic.

+ The "619" is Rey Mysterio's signature finishing move. [Tittle]

+ The only strobogrammatic prime with distinct digits. [Gudipati]

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