This number is a composite.

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π(102756)=9834 is the only pandigital equation of the form π(m)=n containing each of the digits 0 to 9 exactly once, where π(m) is the prime-counting function. Found by G. L. Honaker, Jr.

Activity: Copy and paste the following to the space below 'Enter code:' at Applesoft BASIC in Javascript, then click RUN:

02 REM Prime-Counting Function: pi(x)
03 REM by G. L. Honaker, Jr., 1987
05 PRINT "pi(1)=0"
07 PRINT "pi(2)=1"
11 LET C=1
13 FOR N=3 TO 102756 
17 FOR D=2 TO SQR(N)
19 IF N/D=INT(N/D) THEN 31
29 LET C=C+1
31 PRINT "pi("N")="C
41 END
How long does it take your computer to reach 102756?

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