This number is a prime.

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+ The smallest prime Takeuchi number. [Post]

+ Conjectured largest prime p such that there are no twin primes between p^2 and (p+1)^2. [Post]

+ The smallest odd prime distance of Fibonacci(n) to the closest prime which is not Fibonacci(n) itself. In this case, n = 9. Fibonacci(9) = 34, which is distance 3 from both 31 and 37. [Post]

+ After 53 hours' non-stop swimming, Diana Nyad reached Key West, Florida, escorted by boats and her team of 35 (reversal of 53) people. [Post]

+ 53 is the smallest super-prime leader: right-truncatable prime p with property that appending any single decimal digit to p does not produce a prime. [Post]

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