This number is a prime.

+ The smallest square prime. (A square prime is a prime of n2 digits (n > 1) arranged left-right, top-down in a n-by-n matrix, where the rows and columns are also prime in each direction.) [Croll]

+ The smallest 4-digit prime comprised of two two-digit primes. [Sladcik]

+ "One Thousand One Hundred Seventeen" is the smallest number whose English name is spelled with exactly thirty letters. It happens to be a prime. [Post]

+ The concatenated prime factors of π(1117). [Lewis]

+ The famous Japanese mathematician Yutaka Taniyama (1927-1958) committed suicide on November the seventeenth (11/17).

+ The smallest of only two square primes of order 2 that are also diagonal primes. The other is 1171. [Loungrides]

+ The smallest prime formed by concatenating the smaller members of two successive twin prime pairs: {(11, 13) ; (17, 19)}. Note that the reverse concatenation of the larger members forms an emirp (1913), and that similar properties hold for the two successive twin prime pairs {(101, 103) ; (107, 109)} : 101107 is prime while 109103 is an emirp. [Beedassy]

+ The smallest 4-digit unholey prime.

+ The smallest odd-digit center-deletable prime. [Loungrides]

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