This number is a prime.

+ N.J.A. Sloane's A Handbook of Integer Sequences was first published by Academic Press in 1973.

+ The smallest prime formed by using all possible end digits of multidigit primes, i.e., 1, 3, 7, and 9. [Gupta]

+ 1973 is the year Picasso died. [Stroup]

+ The least prime p that becomes composite if we add or subtract any power of 2 less than p/2. (The next few are 3181, 3967, 4889, 8363, 8923, ...) [TT2011]. [Caldwell]

+ The smallest diagonal prime with distinct digits. (A diagonal prime is a prime of n^2 digits (n > 1) arranged left-right, top-down in a n-by-n matrix, where the diagonals are prime in each direction). [Loungrides]

+ If we examine the possible end digits of the first million primes, then "1" occurs the least, followed by "9", then "7", with "3" occurring the most. [Honaker]

+ The term "factoid" was coined in 1973 by American writer Norman Mailer.

+ Mr. Prime Beef has been serving Alaskan communities since 1973.

+ A 1973 stamp encouraged people to use the ZIP Code on letters and parcels.

+ American physicist and computer pioneer Howard Aiken died on Pi Day in 1973. [Rolen]

+ By luck, in 1973, a Bedouin — or nomadic Arab — guide named Eide Mariff came across a group of what looked like large, stone megaliths while crossing the Sahara. The discovery of Nabta Playa!

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