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+ 103# + 107 is divisible by 109. Note the use of consecutive primes. [Rupinski]

+ If 109 is written in Roman notation (CIX), then it becomes reflectable along the line it is written on.

+ The pipe organ at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris has 109 stops.

+ When chilled below minus 109°F, CO2 becomes a solid, called dry ice.

+ 109 equals the square root of 11881 or 118 - 8 - 1.

+ The only three-digit prime formed by concatenation of consecutive numbers. [Silva]

+ 109 = 1*2+3*4+5*6+7*8+9. [Silva]

+ Shibuya 109 is a trend setting fashion complex for young women in Tokyo, Japan. One of the buildings there is called "The Prime." [Anansi]

+ The registry number of the famous patrol boat PT-109, commanded by John F. Kennedy.

+ 109 can be expressed as 22 * 33 + 1. [Patterson]

+ The Caldwell Catalog contains 109 deep-sky delights for backyard stargazers.

+ Vatican City covers an area less than 109 acres.

+ The period of the reciprocal of 109 ends with 853211 (the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence reversed). [Toews]

+ The Sun is just over 109 times the diameter of the Earth. [Friedman]

+ 109 = prime(prime (1+0+9)). Note that 109 is the only number with this property. [Firoozbakht]

+ The smallest prime formed from reverse concatenation of two consecutive composite numbers. [Gupta]

+ 109 = (7^3-5^3)/2 is the smallest prime which equals to one half of the difference of cubes of primes. [Simon]

+ There are exactly 109 autobiographical numbers. [Wasserman]

+ The smallest prime number which is sum of primeval primes. [Capelle]

+ There are 109 letters in the following quotation: "Given the millennia that people have contemplated prime numbers, our continuing ignorance concerning the primes is stultifying." R. Crandall and C. Pomerance, from Prime Numbers: A Computational Perspective, Springer-Verlag, 2001. [Post]

+ 109 can be expressed in the palindromic form 12*3^2+1. [Rupinski]

+ The smallest invertible prime whose reversal is an invertible semiprime. [Capelle]

+ The smallest prime formed by the concatenation of semiprimes. [Silva]

+ In the movie "Escape From Alcatraz," 109 is the number of the cell assigned to Frank L. Morris (Clint Eastwood).

+ 109 along with 601 are the only invertible primes that appear on a digital clock. [Punches]

+ The difference of the sum of the squares of the composite digits and the sum of the squares of the non-composite digits. [Silva]

+ Sustained body temperatures of over 109 degrees Fahrenheit are normally incompatible with life.

+ The smallest invertible Cyclops prime. It yields the smallest invertible Cyclops semiprime when reversed-then-turned upside down. [Capelle]

+ The smallest number (coincidentally prime) that has more distinct digits than its square. [Capelle]

+ The smallest prime of the form 10^(2k)+10^k-1. Those primes consist of 1 followed by k 0's and k 9's. [Silva]

+ The smallest non-trivial prime that is the sum of the reversal of two consecutive primes (109 = R(47) + R(53) = 74 + 35). [Meller]

+ Smallest multidigit prime which is a partial sum of digital reversals of n: 0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 1 + 11 + 21 + 31 = 109 is prime. [Post]

+ The Messerschmitt Bf 109 was the most-produced fighter aircraft in history. [Gaydos]

+ 109 = (10*9) + (10+9). [Bui Quang Tuan]

+ Convert 109 to binary to get 1101101 and treat it as a decimal number; 1101101 = 109*10101 = 92 and 10101 itself is a binary number. [Bergot]

+ Consider the cubic equation x^3-15x-4=0, which has real coefficients, and three real roots for its answers. If we apply Cardano's formula to this problem, using a=1, b=0, c=-15, d=-4, we find taking the square root of negative 109 in the resulting computation is required!

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