This number is a prime.

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+ {103067, 103069} are twin prime pairs: prime[103067+103069]=2840237 and {2840237, 2840239} are twin prime pairs; prime[2840237+2840239]=98506739 and {98506739, 98506741} are twin prime pairs; prime[98506739+98506741]=4156054181 and {4156054181, 4156054183} are twin prime pairs; prime[4156054181+4156054183]=207942660479 and {207942660479, 207942660481} are twin prime pairs; prime[207942660479+207942660481]=12096805766917 is prime, but unfortunately 12096805766919 = 3 × 4032268588973 is a semiprime. 103067 is the lesser in the smallest twin prime pair with this property of 4 additional chains. [Sariyar]

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