This number is a prime.

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+ The only prime which is the average of two consecutive terms of the Lucas sequence. [Rupinski]

+ The first 2 primes are the only 2 primes which are minimal primes in all bases. [Rupinski]

+ Given any even digit E and any odd digit O, integer D, and 0 ≤ R < 2D, there is exactly one number D digits in length containing only the digits E and O which leaves remainder R when divided by 2D. [Rupinski]

+ It can be shown that the probability that the greatest prime factor of a random integer n is greater than sqrt(n) is ln 2. [Rupinski]

+ The sum of the reciprocals of the divisors of a perfect number (including the reciprocal of the number itself) is always equal to 2. [Rupinski]

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