This number is a prime.

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+ There are eleven two-digit primes ending in a prime digit. [Silva]

+ The sum of the 11 primes after 11 is another palindromic prime. [Silva]

+ 11!+11!+11!+11!+11!+1 is prime. One is repeated 11 times in the expression. [Silva]

+ 11 is the only prime of the form p*q+r, where p, q, r are consecutive primes. [Silva]

+ The only prime that can be expressed by two consecutive primes in the forms p^q+q and q^p+p. [Silva]

+ 11 ones minus 11! is an 11-digit prime with 11 as the first and last digits. [Silva]

+ The first prime of the smallest pair of non-trivial reversible twin primes. [Silva]

+ There are eleven five-digit palindromic primes formed from prime digits. [Silva]

+ Probably the only prime whose cube is formed from the next prime after it and its reversal. [Silva]

+ 12345678910 minus 11 is an eleven-digit prime. [Silva]

+ The smallest prime that is the average of two others in two ways (5 + 17)/2 and (3 + 19)/2. [Silva]

+ The suicidal attack upon the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City occurred on September 11. [Silva]

+ 11 is the sum of the digits of first primes with the end-digits 11. [Silva]

+ The difference of the sums of all non-prime digits and all prime digits. [Silva]

+ Obtained by subtracting the sum of all digital primes from the sum of all non-prime digits. [Silva]

+ The smallest prime which shows repeated digits. [Silva]

+ The smallest prime showing repeated digit. [Silva]

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