This number is a prime.

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+ In the middle of 97 insert (97 - 1) and you get 9967, which is also prime. Put (97 - 1) in the middle of 9967 and you get 999667, which is another prime. Put (97 - 1) in the middle again and you get 99996667, yet another prime. After inserting (97 - 1) in the middle once more, it is left for the prime curiologist to find the factors of 9999966667. [Honaker]

+ A forward-K appears struckout, and corrected with a backwards K symbol at position 97 of Z340. Note that a "strikeout looking" in baseball—in which the batter does not swing and the third strike is called by the umpire—is usually denoted by a ꓘ. [Honaker]

+ Is (97^p+1)/(97+1) composite for all odd primes p? [Honaker]

+ The population standard deviation of the first 97 natural numbers is "perfect." [Honaker]

+ The smallest prime that is the sum of three distinct Fibonacci primes, i.e., 97 = 3 + 5 + 89. [Honaker]

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