This number is a prime.

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+ In his August 1941 Afterward to Thomas Wolfe's book The Hills Beyond, NY, Wolfe's editor, Edward C. Aswell, remarks that Thomas Wolfe's second book, never published, was to have been titled K19. When Wolfe died, Aswell watched the train carrying his coffin go by. Train K19! [Haga]

+ In ancient Sweden the dates of the full moon were computed by runic calendar sticks (runstavar) with the full moon marked only at 19 fixed dates within each month. [Haga]

+ The second (and last) trip of the USS Absaroka across the Atlantic to European waters ended in New York in February 1919. On December 24, 1941, the Japanese submarine I-19 fired two torpedoes at that same ship, which was carrying a cargo of lumber, two miles off Pt. Fermin (San Pedro, California). The ship didn't sink but one sailor was killed by falling lumber. [Haga]

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