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GIMPS has discovered a new largest known prime number: 282589933-1 (24,862,048 digits)

+ A prime p such that the decimal fraction 1/p has the same period length as 1/p2. [Richter]

+ 4872 divides 10486 - 1.

+ 487 is the smallest prime p such that p and p3 have the same sum of digits. [Honaker]

+ There are 487 Hadamard matrices of order 28. Note that 28 is a perfect number. [Rupinski]

+ 487 = (4!2 + 8!2 + 7!2) - (pi(4) + pi(8) + pi(7)). Note that 487 is the smallest prime with this property. [Firoozbakht]

+ Fermat claimed (correctly) that a number is the sum of three squares unless it is of the form 4n(8m + 7), with n,m greater than or equal to 0.

+ 487 is the first prime after 3 that divides the periodic part of the decimal representation of its reciprocal. [Noe]

+ The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is 487 square miles.

+ 487!+491 is the first titanic prime of form p!+q where p, q are consecutive primes. [Loungrides]

+ The smallest of five consecutive full period primes (487, 491, 499, 503, 509). [Bowser]

+ The smallest prime p such that all possible two-digit endings for prime numbers less than or equal to p occur at least once. [Honaker]

+ The smallest prime number that produces three more primes when reiteratively doubled and reversed three consecutive times (479, 859, and 8171). [Gaydos]

+ The smallest prime p such that reversal(2p) equals its previous prime. [Bajpai]

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