This number is a prime.

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+ 41 is the 5th centered square number. Note that 4 + 1 = 5. [Post]

+ Super Bowl XLI was the first prime-numbered Super Bowl to have prime final scores by both teams: Indianapolis Colts 29, Chicago Bears 17. It started with Devin Hester (#23) becoming the first player in Super Bowl history to return the opening kickoff for a touchdown. [Post]

+ The largest prime that is not the sum of 4 nonzero squares. [Post]

+ Smallest prime partial sum of position of first letter of n (in English) in alphabet: 41 = 26 + 15, since "zero" begins with the twenty-sixth letter and "one" begins with the the fifteenth letter. [Post]

+ Rome was not built in a day, but Brazil's new capital of Brasilia was built in 41 months, from 1956 to 21 April 1960, when it was officially inaugurated. [Post]

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