This number is a prime.

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+ The first Fibonacci emirp. [Silva]

+ There are 13 composite numbers between 13 and its reversal. [Silva]

+ The longest name of a book of the KJV Bible is Thessalonians with 13 letters. [Silva]

+ The smallest prime formed from consecutive odd digits. [Silva]

+ 13!+31!-1 is prime. [Silva]

+ The smallest prime sum of semiprimes. [Silva]

+ The only Fibonacci prime equal to the sum of the squares of two consecutive Fibonacci primes. [Silva]

+ 13 squared equals the sum of the first five emirps. [Silva]

+ The number of five-digit primes formed from the five nonzero nonprime digits. [Silva]

+ 13 + (1+3) is the next emirp. The only two-digit emirp with that property. [Silva]

+ The first member of the smallest pair of cousin emirps. [Silva]

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