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GIMPS has discovered a new largest known prime number: 282589933-1 (24,862,048 digits)

+ 701, 7001, 70001, and 700001 are each prime. [Brown]

+ 2701 + 701 is prime. [Honaker and De Geest]

+ This prime can be written as 54 + 43 + 32 + 21 + 10. [Kulsha]

+ The number of named openings and variations listed in the 1987 edition of The Oxford Companion to Chess by Hooper and Whyld. [McCranie]

+ There are currently 701 types of pure breed dogs. [BBC]

+ The number of UFO cases that Project Blue Book left classified as "unknown." [McCranie]

+ The IBM 701 was the company's first production-line electronic digital computer. (It was announced to the public in 1952.)

+ Smallest prime whose square (701^2 = 491401) contains all of square digits only. [Gupta]

+ The smallest emirp p such that 2p has a sum of digits that is also an emirp (941). [Beedassy]

+ e (2.718...) to the power phi (Golden ratio 1.618...) is approximately 5. A much better approximation is given by 701/139, both numbers prime. [Menhinick]

+ If A=2, B=3, C=5, D=7, ... , Z=101, then 'AN ISOLATED PRIME NUMBER' is an isolated prime number. [Homewood]

+ 701 decillion has a Collatz trajectory length of 701. [Gaydos]

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