11966...86949 (36-digits)

This number is a composite.

                                     119665 7658008431 0473737035 4851986949

+ A number discovered by Jeff Heleen which is a fifth power (of a semiprime) that has all of its digits occur with the same multiplicity: 103655895 = 119665765800843104737370354851986949 which has four 0's, four 1's, four 3's, four 4's, four 5's, four 6's, four 7's, four 8's, and four 9's. But, unnoticed by Jeff Heleen and "Prime Curios!" submitter Patrick De Geest on whose web page this was announced, the 36-digit number has a reversal which is a brilliant number:

94968915845307373740134800567566911 = 216366620575959221 * 438925910071081891.
Note that the only digit missing from 10365589^5 that prevents it from being pandigital is "two" and that there are exactly four 2's in the smaller of the prime factors of the brilliant reversal. [Andrew]

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