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GIMPS has discovered a new largest known prime number: 282589933-1 (24,862,048 digits)

+ The smallest bemirp of the form a^2 + 1.

+ Anti-nuclear vigils are held at 1601 Pennsylvania Avenue (Lafayette Park) in Washington, D.C.

+ 1601 is the largest of 40 consecutive primes represented by the quadratic formula n2 + n + 41, which is prime for 0 < n < 39. [Terr]

+ Pierre de Fermat ("The Prince of Amateurs") was once thought to be born in 1601. Did he know that 1601 to the power 1601 ends with 1601? See PC1607. [Capelle]

+ x2 - 79x + 1601 gives primes for x = 0 to 79, with one repetition of each prime obtained. Note that 79 and 1601 are primes. [Capelle]

+ Facebook, Inc. Address is 1601 Willow Road.

+ The smallest bemirp p such that p^sod(p)-sod(p) is prime, i.e., (1601^(1+6+0+1)-(1+6+0+1)) is a prime number. [Bajpai]

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