This number is a prime.

+ A total solar eclipse took place in the continental United States on August 21, 2017. The longest duration of totality occurred over Christian County, Kentucky.

+ The number of five-digit primes with exactly one zero. [Merickel]

+ sin(2017 times the 5th root of 2) is almost an integer.

+ The 11th of January 2017 produces the highest number of primes (five) for any day of this year: 1/11/2017, 11/1/2017, 11/01/2017, 1/11/17, 11/1/17. [Forouhari]

+ The smallest prime number for which the sum of the squares of the digits of its cube (8205738913) equals its prime index (64+4+0+25+49+9+64+81+1+9 = 306). [Gaydos]

+ The smallest prime which is the sum of 2017 primes is the sum of the first 2018 odd primes minus the 2017-th prime. [Hasler]

+ 2017 = (10*9*8*7*6)/(5+4+3*2)+1. [Taneja]

+ The book "Closing the Gap: The Quest to Understand Prime Numbers" (Oxford University Press, 2017) by Vicky Neale, details one of the most exciting developments to happen in the last few years in mathematics, a new approach to the Twin Primes Conjecture.

+ The smallest number N such that N has a decimal expansion starting with a pandigital: 3√2017 = 12.634807593300104457... [Beedassy]

+ The primes prior to and next to 2017 are respectively 2017 + (2-0-1-7) and 2017 + (2+0+1+7). [Beedassy]

+ A prime of the form a²-b³=(a-1)²+(b+1)⁴, where a=45 and b=2. [Malecot]

+ "Arithmetic can be a gateway drug for mathematics." – Paul Lockhart, Arithmetic, 2017.

+ "Prime Curios!" is cited in the August 2017 issue of Newton, a graphic science magazine published in Japan.

+ 2017 is the only 4-digit prime anagram of digit tetrad {0,1,2,7}. Note that (20+17) is the lesser member of the (20-17)rd emirp pair whose product is an anagram of 2017. [Worrom]

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