This number is a prime.

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Kristen Eller ©2002
+ A couple is two people, a prime. But the Guinness World Record for most marriages (and divorces) is 23 by a woman in Indiana. There is also a record for most renewal vows: the prime 83. [Post]

+ There are 23 words in David Hilbert's statement on why he didn't try to solve Fermat's last theorem: "Before beginning I should put in three years of intensive study, and I haven't that much time to squander on a probable failure." Quoted in E. T. Bell Mathematics, Queen and Servant of Science (New York 1951). [Post]

+ Largest known prime partial sum of number of Giuga sequences of length n: 1 + 2 + 3 + 17. [Post]

+ The only known prime difference between the number of semigroups of order n and the number of groups of order n, for any integer n. For n = 3, there are 24 nonisomorphic semigroups, and a unique (cyclic) group, so 24-1 = 23. [Post]

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