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 New record prime (GIMPS): 282,589,933-1 with 24,862,048 digits by P. Laroche, G. Woltman, A. Blosser, et al. (7 Dec 2018).

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What is it that sets the Prime Pages apart?  The quantity and quality of the information. 

We may not have as many flashing images and bandwidth abusing animations (other than on this page!), but we have reliable up-to-date information on the records and research about prime numbers. 

Where else can you find a list of the 5,000 largest know primes updated hourly, along with information comparing those who found these primes?  Where else do you find not only the definition of a Woodall prime, but also an up-to-date list of all of them that are currently known? 

But why take our word for it, below are a few of the awards and media mentions that this site has received!  (See also the page More awards received by the Prime Pages.)

Teacher evaluation form"Your site has been awarded the Excellence in Education Award presented by Survey Systems. We want to thank you for all the hard work and effort that went into your site and for providing a wonderful resource to the community." August 2004.

"Schoolzone links to your site via our websites search engine ... Our descriptions are written by independent reviewers ... We have awarded your site the Highly recommended rating for educational usefulness" Philip Collie 25 October 2003.

"The Math Forum at Drexel maintains an Internet Mathematics Library, and we have chosen your Prime Pages to feature as our Hot Spot for the month of January, 2003" Melissa Running, Internet Resource Librarian.

Merlot's IconSeveral of the Prime Pages have been peer reviewed by the staff at Merlot and rated 5 out of 5 in all categories. "...A distinguished, high-quality source of learning material." November 2002


"Congratulations, Your site has been chosen as a Wired Kids Safe Site (formerly Cyberangels) and has received our Seal of Approval. ... Thank you for maintaining a safe site for families and kids."  Janice, Chief Research Officer, Wired Patrol. 17 May 2002.

icon "Your 'The Prime Page' site is featured in the August 2001 issue of the 'Top 10 Educational Sites on the World-Wide Web.' Learning in Motion publishes the Monthly Top 10 List on our Web Site for educators and students who are interested in integrating the Internet with their schoolwork." Judit Sedillos

This site was listed in the "Science Surfing" section of the Discover magazine (Discover Channel). July 2001, page 14.

icon"Congratulations! Your site, The Largest Known Prime, has won the Coolmath Top Site Award for Education. This award is to thank you for all you are doing to show kids of all ages how cool math is." Coolmath Karen President & CEO (5/2001).

GM icon "I'm very pleased to be able to let you know that the 'Prime Pages' site has been declared MSO Worldwide's fifth 'Link of the Week' for the year 2001 ... The reason why your site was chosen on this partiuclar week was the recently-breaking 'illegal prime numbers' story in light of DeCSS developments. The concept of a number being illegal was so interesting and implausible that we thought it was worth highlighting to our readers; your site is the best way to explain it in full." Chris M. Dickson, Mind Sports Organisation Worldwide Limited (3/2001)

"You are publishing important, high-quality material on the Web. For this reason, ISI has selected your site for inclusion in Current Web Contents, a new section of Current Contents Connect TM..." (1/11/2001)

"Vi har glädjen att meddela att sidan med denna URL: har tagits med i Länkskafferiet []. Länkskafferiet är en databas med kvalitetsgranskade webbplatser för skolbruk, särskilt för elever i åldrarna 10-15 år." (11/2000)

You really have a great web site! We have listed your site on as one of the best educational resources on the Internet. ... Brian Cooper (6/2000)

Congratulations! Your site has been chosen by the State of Washington's Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program to be included in the new online Resource Library on the GET Web site. The Resource Library contains links to educational sites for both parents and children. Your site was chosen because it's educational, friendly and fun to use. (8/99)

Congratulations! Your site has been reviewed by our Board of Reviewing Editors... It is now featured among the recommended resources on Science NetLinks, a comprehensive homepage for science educators created by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. ... Jillian Corr, Project Manager, 1 November 1999.

"Your site, The Prime Pages, has been chosen as a selection for the Scout Report for Science & Engineering (Aug. 4, 1999), the premier biweekly collection of useful Internet sites for researchers, educators, and students in the life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering. ..."

CONGRATULATIONS! We are pleased to inform you that your site has been chosen as one of this week's Super Sites. ... Lisa Byrd Online Education, Inc., 6 June 1999.

Webivore Knowledge Systems values your web site ... and has included it in our collection of educational web pages ... an index of the best web sites found and reviewed by our content experts and editors to help students and educators find accurate and useful information on the web. ... Amara Cohen, LLC, 8 April 1999.

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