How do I get a prime added to your list? 
(from the Prime Pages' list of frequently asked questions)
 New record prime (GIMPS): 282,589,933-1 with 24,862,048 digits by P. Laroche, G. Woltman, A. Blosser, et al. (7 Dec 2018).

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First, make sure the numbers are proven prime, not a probable prime (see the pages on finding primes and proving primality if you have any questions).   Also, make sure the primes are either large enough to be one of the 5000 largest known primes or of a special type (which we list) and large enough to be in the top 20 of that form.

Once they are proven primes, submit them using our prime submission page!  As explained on that page, this process will involve three steps (which sound more daunting than they are):

  1. First you create a prover-account.  These pages have the biographical information on those who found the primes.  At a minimum it would have their names, but could (if they choose) have their e-mail, a picture, bio-information, link to their web site... You only do this once!
  2. Second, create a proof code.  The proof code is a database entry that explains how the primes were proven, what software was involved, and sometimes, what projects this prime was part of.  This is done only once for each combination of software...  Most provers do it once, but a few have a dozen or more proof-codes.
  3. Finally, enter the primes.
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